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Mold, mildew, dirt, smoke, pollen, clay, fungi, moss, algae; the list of nature's potential bullies ready, and willing, to deface your Morristown outdoor surfaces is long and ever-evolving. Professional fence cleaning by the experienced soft wash specialists of East TN ProWash, the leading team for pressure washing in East Tennessee, not only restores your fence to its original grandeur, but will also protect your fence and walls from aggressive organic growth and contaminants that can cause rot and decay, and necessitate replacement much sooner than necessary.

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We're a locally owned and operated company and local is important because we are very familiar with those regional organic growths that are the biggest threat to area fences.

Our soft wash techs are thoroughly trained and vastly experienced in the proper fence cleaning technique, the most effective chemicals, and the proper combination of water pressures to use on any type of fence, barrier, or wall, and on every type of stain, discoloration, or biological contaminant, to make your property's borders look like they've been completely replaced, rather than simply professionally cleaned.

Fence Pressure Washing Professionals - Here To Help

With our highly-advanced soft wash technology, we can magically restore faded wooden fences without the scarring and damage that high psi fence cleaning often causes. But we also have the high psi, commercial grade pressure washing equipment for quick and effective rust removal from wrought iron and metal fences.

We're knowledgeable and versatile and are well practiced in using the right combination of high psi pressure washing, chemically-assisted soft washing, and low psi pressure washing to achieve spectacular results in all exterior surface cleaning projects from fence cleaning to building washing.

Frequently Asked Fence Cleaning Questions

Are you on the fence about the value of fence cleaning? Well here are a couple of answers to frequently asked fence washing and cleaning questions that may help.

Professional Morristown fence washing does more than restore your fence to its original beauty. It also protects your fence from aggressive organic growth and contaminants that can cause rot and decay, and necessitate replacement much sooner than necessary.

Wooden fences should be stripped before painting, staining, or sealing, and pressure washing by a trained expert is the quickest, most cost-effective way to do the job. Those old enough to remember the old-school way of stripping paint from fences with a wire brush can certainly appreciate the value of the science of pressure washing.


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